About Stender

The foundation for good construction

From construction to development of existing properties and turnkey building projects, our core consideration remains the same: if you plan on building big, it has to be rooted in a solid idea. STENDER can help you with both.

We develop and realise the idea in collaboration with you and relevant partners from our extensive network, and our senior staff plans and manages the process with strict deadlines before we build with the best in the industry.

It may sound simple – and it feels that way too when everything is running smoothly – but we know that every construction project requires a solid foundation. And that is the foundation STENDER reliably delivers. Every time.

Six good reasons for building with STENDER

  • Extensive experience and know-how from more than 30 years of business.
  • We never build before we have identified the optimum and most value-creating solution.
  • A flexible set-up that can handle construction projects big and small.
  • Passionate professionals with deep industry insight from the market’s major players.
  • Idea and project development in collaboration with architects, future tenants and/or private- and public-sector players.
  • Expert project execution – with an unwavering focus on functional, high quality construction and value creation.